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    11th Street Pharmacy
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    Surf Contest 1960

Historic Resources Board
Huntington Beach, CA


The purpose of the Historic Resources Board is to encourage and promote programs and activities that enhance public awareness of historic resources. The Historic Resources Board acts as an advisory body to Huntington Beach City Council as well as a liaison to Council for local, state and federal groups and agencies whose interest involves historic issues.


The Historic Resources Board was established in 1987 as an eleven member advisory board to Huntington Beach City Council providing guidance and support on matters pertaining to historic issues. The Board advises on issues of preservation of historic, commercial, and residential structures and sites, cooperating with city boards and commissions to insure that historic preservation and services are considered in the planning for future development of the community.

The Historic Resources Board also presents programs reflecting historical aspects of Huntington Beach. Walking Tours of the Downtown Historic Core and the Discovery Well Dedication panel discussion are among the programs organized and presented by the Board. In conjunction with the centennial celebration of the Fourth of July Parade, the Board presented Moments In Time: A 100 Year History of Huntington Beach in the galleries of the Huntington Beach Art Center.